Storytelling London Wedding Photographer

Hi, Michal here.
I would love to tell your beautiful story.

Capturing beautiful moments and making new friends are two hobbies that I have always treasured. My focus has always been on being able to develop friendships with my clients first and getting to know them personally. Every wedding is different and unique. I enjoy bringing excitement, fun, and joy to every celebration.  I will create amazing memories for you that when you will look back at it after a few years you will feel like you are reliving the moment once again. Wedding photography is a great passion for me and I love it so much.

Every couple has a unique and exquisite story to tell. I concentrate on becoming a storyteller who narrates the wedding in the most beautiful way. Using only photographs to capture the strong feelings of love, patience and commitment, I spend an extensive amount of time trying to document the wedding perfectly. You all deserve to have a magical wedding and I will assure you to capture all the magic on your special day. I will assure you to document your wedding with such perfection that you will feel like a movie from your past is playing in front of your eyes. You will be able to experience all the beautiful moments once again. 

“Great photography is about the depth of feeling, not the depth of field.” – Peter Adams

I love documenting weddings. Being around so many happy people gives me a lot of positive energy and a lot of fun in what I do. It is a passion that gives me great joy and pleasure. Thanks to it, I can develop, gain experience and meet new interesting people. With each passing day, I learn something new that I can use in everyday life. I believe that the most important thing is to show people’s personality and capture the feeling that prevails at a given moment.


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