About me

Hi! I’m Michal

You don’t even know how lucky I am! I have a wonderful wife to whom I owe a lot, and two amazing children’s that teaching me to appreciate little things every day. Thanks to them, I learn to celebrate great moments every single day.
I love people and every kind of cooperation with them gives me great satisfaction. Working as a photographer, I am lucky to meet various characters, great life stories and share their joys with people.

My adventure started in 2011. Since then, the camera been with me every single day. The camera is not just a tool for me but is very unique so I am trying to introduce the unforgettable moments of the life of all people, to show the other person’s interior and capture the emotions that will remain in memory for longer. In my work, I’m trying to put all my passion and true commitment.

I think wedding photography is an area where you can express yourself through pictures who presented. It has become a passion for me which is giving me great pleasure. I can grow and gain more experience every single time. With each new day, I learn something new which I can use in everyday life. Is not all about to do a quick picture because everyone can do it.

You probably expect that I will give you a specific point on the map where I am taking photos. Nothing could be more wrong! I can capture your wonderful moments both in Europe and in the UK. Sounds unreal? Not at all! I remain open to your suggestions, which I will gladly discuss with you. Do you want to get married at the “end of the world”? Just tell me when should I book a plane ticket. 🙂

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