Traditional Polish Wedding – Dworek Jablonna Lublin

Traditional Polish Wedding

 — Do you remember the times of Facebook poke? You know, kind of tool to make a move on someone — Robert’s laugh. — Well, we know each other ever since. We met at a camp in Bulgaria but even poking didn’t work. Nay, even inviting her to my Facebook friends didn’t work — he jokes. — It wasn’t until New Year’s that it changed. I sent her a message and that’s how we started to talk. After a month, I took a trip to Lublin to meet — how it turned out — my biggest love. We’ve been together ever since — Robert reminisces with affection. — Three years of long-distance taught us a lot but we hope to never be apart again.

Wedding story

That was a night to remember! As a wedding photographer, I feel very committed to my work and the people I work for. This might be the reason why I may not be objective but this WAS a night to remember! And there’s the two — young, beautiful, and in love!

And it went like this…

I met the Groom early in the day. I was photographing as he was getting ready for his special moment. He was a natural! No stress, no rush — that’s what I admire in people I make photos of. The way they feel in front of the camera may have a huge impact on the final product — and here was pure comfort, he felt at ease. SO, what’s the key? Just ignore the photographer, I, serious now! I am always trying not to be right beside you unless you want me to. It’s you who this day is about and nobody should interrupt your peace, happiness, and even slight nervousness. 

I’ve had the time of my life…

Any time I hear the Dirty Dancing theme tune I smile. I smile because it reminds me of Natalia and Robert’s wedding day. At first, we went to the Bride’s house, where the mother of the bride greets us. Along with the Groom, the coupled received marriage blessing from their parents. This moment is always full of tears of joy and affection from the parents who are about to let their children go on their journey to start their own family. The couple stepped into their car — the wedding car decoration was very subtle, just like everything in this wedding. Another point on the route was the celebration of the holy matrimony in the Church. Both Natalia and Robert promised with pride and affection in their eyes to love and support each other for the rest of their lives. But it’s not only love that binds those two together — but there’s also mutual respect and friendship. Without a doubt, they are best friends.

Evening wedding reception – Traditional Polish Wedding

Let the party begin! After the marriage ceremony, we then went to a small wedding reception, and here’s where the fun started. Delicious food, simplicity, and dances until the dawn. All the loose ends were tied up perfectly by the Bride and Groom and it was all just perfect. Their classic outfits with the tiniest details taken care of, beautiful wedding table decorations and wedding centerpieces with white chair sashes— everything was tailor-made and brought up the best in Natalia and Robert. Out of all the wedding venues, the one they chose was bright and classy — it all just clicked!

Wedding photographer Poland 

We decided to have a shoot in Kazimierz Dolny. It’s a small historic and one of the most beautifully situated little towns in Poland. We talked while we been roaming around the city streets, admiring the greenery. Again I was fascinated by their simplicity and love, and how comfortable they felt in front of my camera. I didn’t try to change anything, I didn’t urge them to pose artificially. I work intuitively. The small gestures, passionate looks, whispers — I really wanted to capture their emotions.

But take another look at the photos, at the smiles on Natalia and Robert’s faces — the love in their eyes.

Whether you dream of the wedding photos which capture your emotions and passion or you want to bring out the real you of your wedding — I am your traditional polish wedding photographer. Every story is special and unique, no two photos seem the same. Each newly wedded couple sets out on a new journey in their lives. This journey deserves an individual and unique insight. And that’s what I offer!

So If you are looking for your perfect wedding photographer in Poland please don’t hesitate to contact me. Popular dates are going really fast so please don’t wait too long. 

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